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Get ready for more HOT weather...

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As another week approaches the weather man says that we are in for more HOT weather. All are animals as well as ourselves try to find ways to cool ourselves down. With having my own animals and also looking after others, this is one of my top priorities in this heat.

All these safety tips and ideas you might already do and know, but just incase here I go...

* Make sure your animals have a constant supply of fresh, clean water as our pets can easily become dehydrated. Making sure there is plenty of shade for your pets to get to and if too hot keep them indoors. Its not going to hurt your dog if they miss a few walks. It would hurt your dog if you decide to walk them at peak heat.

* All your barchycephalic (flat faced dog breeds) and your flat faced cats are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively. These pets, along with the elderly, the overweight, and those with heart or lung diseases, should be kept cool in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible.

* NEVER leave your dog in a car in this heat. Still there are always reports of people doing this and being rescued just in time or found dead. Over the years I have reported several people who have done this.

* If a dog is too hot and can't reduce its body temperature by panting they can develop heatstroke, which can be lethal. Signs of heatstoke are...

- Panting heavily

- Drooling excessivley

- Lethargic

- Being sick/ diarrhoea or both

- And severe is when the subject has collapsed.

So as mentioned at the start, fresh water, shade is a start, but here are a few other things that I do.

* I have purchased Cool mats. These are a mat that comes in a small, medium or large that have a gel that activates when the subject lie on it. No need to put in the fridge or freezer. Great for my van crates and also have them as beds in the kitchen. Highly recommed them (you can message me to ask details on where I purchased them).

* Paddling pool is great for dogs. I have put balls and treats in the water to make them all have a paddle as well as just getting the sprinkler on or the hose.

*If you can get out for a walk, stay away from paths and roads. There is the 5 second rule, where if you can't hold the back of your hand on the path for 5 seconds then you shouldn't be walking your dogs. Shaded and wooded areas I stick to especially near the local river.

* Ice blocks are also a great way to cool animals down and also a good way to get water into them. I have done chicken stock ones and the dogs LOVE them. Also frozen Kongs with frozen dried food in and doggy peanut butter. GREAT enrichment for them and keeps them cool at the same time. Also fills up the times when they can't do a walk that day.

* I also provide fans and an Air con unit in my home, which is great for the dogs, cat and family.

* From the Blue cross website...

Emergency First Aid for dogs

For the best chance of survival, dogs suffering from heatstroke urgently need to have their body temperature lowered gradually.

  • Move him/her to a shaded/cool area.  

  • Immediately douse the dog with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock. If possible, you can also use wet towels or place him/her in the breeze of a fan.  

  • Allow the dog to drink small amounts of cool water.  

  • Continue to douse the dog with cool water until his/her breathing starts to settle but never so much that he/she begins to shiver.

Once the dog is cool, take him/her to the nearest vet as a matter of urgency.

Hope this all helps you and your darlin pets and please stay safe in this heat.

Take care everyone x

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