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Firework Season

This time of year can be a stressful one for animal owners and it is for my old girl Kai. She hates loud noises, storms, wind and fireworks. I do several things that I feel help her get through this stressful time and wish to share and hopefully some of my tips can help you.

1) Find a safe place.

When a dog panics or worries about something they try and hide. This spot is where they feel safest at this point in time. By putting a crate up in that area or if they hide behind the couch put a blanket over it and make it feel more enclosed and dark. With a crate put a blanket over the top. If you have time before the firework season starts it’s worth preparing the area and making the dog more accustomed to it.

Put treats in the area and make it comfy. Maybe ad a top that you have worn for that extra comfort.

2) Pheromone support.

I suggest pheromone support in stressful situations for cats and dogs. There are two that are on the market that I use and have found that they can work for some and not for others, but it’s worth a try. Kai responds to the dog pheromone plug-in and they are used this time of year. A comforting pheromone being used in the room will give that feel of safety.

3) I usually find that it’s the noise as well as the flashes that can scare Kai. So I close all blinds and put the TV on at a level that drowns out the firework sounds. A good favourite chew is also good to keep Kai from thinking fireworks.

4) Walks done earlier to avoid the early fireworks and to have a calm dog. Many dogs this time of year when spooked from fireworks can bolt. A panicked dog is very hard to catch and find. Make sure that your dog has a collar on with tag as well as being chipped.

Hope these few tips can help some of you or even one. I know what I'm going to be doing, all of the above.

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