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K9 Midwife

Breeding dogs has been a large part of my life since an early age.  My family is a well respected pedigree dog breeder and have bred quality show dogs, shown at dog shows including Crufts and sold dogs for both showing and breeding internationally.  With this being the family business, I took a strong interest in animals including domestic, wild and exotic.

From my 30 years plus experience I have seen, learned and practiced the breeding of dogs.  From finding a stud, mating, care of the bitch, labour, aftercare of bitch and puppies, weaning and then finding the loving homes for the puppies.

The service I offer covers:

  • Finding an appropriate stud.

  • Overseeing and assistance with mating.

  • Arranging a scan at the correct time of pregnancy (with a reputable scanner).

  • Visits for check ups and to discus next steps and what is needed.

  • Assistance during labour and delivery.

  • Help with aftercare, vet check ups, worming etc.

  • Puppy weaning, best time and nutrition.

  • Regular weigh-ins for puppies.

  • Help in finding homes and selling.


Within this time I hope to make you at ease, take away the stresses that can come with breeding and leave you confident with the entire process. 

I hope to come your mentor as well as a friend in this precious time. 



First visit and consultation                                      £0

Help in finding appropriate Stud, contact                £80

To assist in all mating’s                                          £100

Arranging scan 5-6 weeks                                     £30

Check ups for bitch x 5                                         £50

Additional visits for bitch                                       £20

Assist in the Labour                                               £300

After care check ups and weigh in’s x 5                  £150

Additional visits for puppies                                   £20


Package: All of the above for £500 excluding additional visits.

Dog whelping
Newborn puppy
Mum and pup
French bulldog

We asked for Chris's help in November firstly to establish if our darcie was even pregnant as we didn't see them tie. And she was. Since then Chris has been fantastic always there for advice and always given in a non condescending manor as we are complete novices. Can not recommended Chris enough she delivered our 6 healthy pups this week and without her I don't think we could have done it.

Thanks Chris.

Shih Tzu newborn pup
dog midwife
Getting older
Chunky monkey on the scales
Mum with pups
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