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Grooming has been put on hold for the meantime


Due to Covid we have made my own grooming room within our out building.  So now have a safe place to groom in that can easily be cleaned.  Also one to one grooming and quiet for your dog.  I will also be wearing PPE and have a parking area outside for dogs for safe handover.  Below you can have a look my finished room. 


Due to having years worth of experience working alongside my family when I was younger I was tought how to groom by a professional.  I have also done an Advance course in Dog grooming and completed with a Higher Distinction.

Its always been something that I have enjoyed doing and find myself doing more of as my business continues.  

Bookings can be done either at your home (if needed) or within my new grooming room. All my grooms are one to one done in a quiet place with no disruption, which makes a groom a lot less stressful for your dog.

Depending on size of dog and condition of coat and temprament of the dog I can take up to 2-3 hours. 

I offer...

Full groom


Hand Scissoring

Anal Gland Treatment

Nail Cutting

Ear plucking and Cleaning


De-Shedding (Removal of undercoat)

Your dog now smelling amazing and looking fab will be finished off with a cute little bow tie to complete the look. 


Grooming can take up to 2 to 3 hours depending on size and condition of dog.  If takes longer than stated time then will be £10 an hour extra.


Bath, clip and groom.

Includes ears, nails and anal glands (if needed).


Small breeds  £30 

Jack Russel, Yorkshire Terrier


Medium breeds  £35

Shih Tzu, Cocker Poo, Spaniels

Large breeds  £40

Labrador, Retriever

Extra Large breeds £45

Newfoundland, St Bernard

£10 for a nail clip only

Price list revised 01/07/20

Beardy bath
Grooming for the little one too
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